11 February 2012

No Stamped Project Today

With a bit of luck, if everyone is still healthy, I am stamping today with some of my dearest friends.

Anyways....while I was sick this week I was cleaning out some drawers.  Do you have a "junk" drawer?  Well we have (ahem) several.  Every store we shop at has some bonus frequent discount card.  I am guilty of grabbing another card at the checkout because I have no idea where the card is and just want the discount.  Please tell me I'm not alone.
We also had quite the drawer of gift cards.  Which is great, but not really helpful if you're out shopping and don't have the gift card with you.  Sooooo......I made the ring of cards that neatly stow in my purse pocket.
I used my cropadile, binder ring and a scrap piece of ribbon.  If you attempt this, make sure you don't punch throw the swipe-y part or any of the bar codes/numbers.  Much to my demise, not all cards have this information in the same spot.

Have a great weekend!

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