30 December 2009

I'm still here....a tad behind schedule

Oh my goodness my friends, I do hope you and your families enjoyed the holidays. Are you getting ready for New Year's Eve?!?! I meant to post all kinds of fun projects I had completed while I was on vacation, but, from the absence of my postings, you know that didn't work out like I planned. But that's ok, you'll still get to see the goodies soon!

Today I wanted to share a little project with you to RECYCLE all those beautiful cards you received this holiday season! That's right, as you're cleaning off the mantel or the counter or the basket where all your cards have been, think about making I.O.U's or gift card holders for NEXT YEAR!

First I'll share my card.

You can't see them all, but I had 8 different color varieties. If you received a Navy Blue one and you looooove navy, it may not have been by chance ;) I spiced it up a bit for me - so I didn't burn out on making the cards. Usually I try to spread out the process over a week, but I was a bit rushed this year so I decided different color cards would keep me interested. Plus, it was easy to glance down and tell myself, keep going, only three more green ones! This is a fun style card, a pocket card. I made one here a looooong time ago. I decided on the pocket card because it was easy for the receipient to REUSE. The insert is approximately 3"x5". That's the size of an index card. Even non-stampers could pull out the insert, reinsert an index card and give the card to someone else. You could also drop in a gift card or tickets to show!

Edited to Add: Thanks for your interest, I'll share the measurements and quick directions to make your own Pocket Card.

Now, let's get to it. Here are a few of the cards I received.
Lookie at this one from West Virginia! LOVE the ornament look! What patience!

Glitter, glitter, glitter from northern Ohio.

Is that a spotlighting technique I spy from Virginia??

Let's look at reusing the cards!
This one from Michigan used MY DIGITAL STUDIO. The hand-drawn box is something I'll be recreating soon!

On the inside right was the message. Now....tad-dah...it's home for a gift card. See that little punch, it's $5.95 and you need it. It makes the semi circle shape for the gift cards to tuck into!

Here's a vintage-inspired card from Maryland

On the inside was this beautiful plaid paper, I matched the colors and created an I.O.U.. I don't know about you, but I'm always giving I.O.U's.

Ok, just one more. Hang in there!
Dasher from the DC metro area!

Inside easily transforms into another gift card holder.
I hope I didn't bore you - but really, it's what I'm doing with the cards I received. Now, I know some of you are thinking "Sherri, I'll forget about them by next year." "Sherri, I'll misplace them before next Christmas." Here's a little tip, place the remodeled gift card holers or IOU's inside your ornament box. Just sit them right on top. So next Thanksgiving when you're getting out your decorations you'll find them! It will be a happy day and will jump start your holiday projects, because you'll already have several completed!

Please have a SAFE New Year's Eve and enjoy the Rose Bowl.

Go Bucks.

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Kelly said...

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