07 June 2009

Sweet Sundae 101 – Mounting your stamps

When you purchase SU! stamps, you’ll notice they come die-cut, but unmounted. This keeps the cost lower and allows you to customize the location of the image on the wood block. I mount the majority of my stamps in the middle of the wood block. However, I mount alphabet stamps in the corner so I can tilt my head and see the alignment and placement of the letter.
Carefully layout the images on the blocks before you start mounting the images. All the blocks are not the same size, and some stamps will only fit on one block. Rest assured, if you don’t like the position, zap the stamp in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. CAUTION: the wood block may be hot, use care when handling the block. The heat will melt the glue so you can lift the rubber without damaging the image. You’ll need a strong adhesive or crystal effects to secure the image on the wood. Store all rubber out of direct sunlight!
Here's a couple pics of mounting my stamps....

Happy Sunday, thanks for stopping by!

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