15 July 2009

Tearing, Faux Tearing, and Handmade Paper!

Hi stampers. Thanks for stopping by today.
I’ve got quick tutorials for ya!

1. Did you know there’s a wrong way to tear your paper? It’s not technically wrong, but it may not give you the results you were going for.
Does your paper look like this when you tear?In this photo I’m securing the paper with one hand (not shown) and pulling down with my other hand. Not so sweet.

Let’s try again.
Doesn’t this look better? (Nod your head “Yes Sherri”)
You’ll have much more control over the paper when you hold it securely with both hands (mostly thumbs) and gently move both hands in an alternating tearing fashion. Tearing and sliding, tearing and sliding.

Phew, I know that sounds complicated, but grab that old envelope from the gas bill out of the garbage and try (unless the envelope is covered by something mysterious that came from your refrigerator and in that case, go find something to tear!).

2. Faux Handmade Paper
Have you seen the price of handmade paper? It brings an extra depth and texture to your projects but it’s quite expensive. Here’s a way to turn any cardstock into vintage or homemade!
Cut as desired

Start folding or crumbling it into a ball. No rhyme or reason. (Don’t mind the crappy white scratch paper, it’s a test report I should be reading! Don’t worry, I’ll get to it; eventually!)

Unfold. Not so glamorous, I know.

Make a ball again, unfold, again, unfold, again, unfold. Stop when you get the look you like.
Here’s the end product.

Now if there’s too much going on for you – take a warm (WARM, NOT HOT) iron QUICKLY (I SAID QUICKLY) and run it over the paper once or twice to smooth things out. Please, oh please, don’t start a fire! Here’s is the ironed and unironed version. These started as the same size cardstock.

Moving on.
3. Faux tearing
Ok, I know we went over real tearing, but let’s say that’s not your style. You like the look, you just can’t bear the thought (what does that expression mean??) of tearing your beloved cardstock or DSP.

Start with your cardstock or DSP. Cut as desired.

Make a tear on a scrap paper – maybe that gas bill envelope from above! I like using a post it note because it’s self securing. I tear the opposite side of the stickiness.
Place the real tear over the cardstock. Here the sticky end of the post it is closest to me.

Without moving anything, stamp. Here I’m showing you the post it note is securely under the stamp.

Again, without moving anything, pick up the stamp.

Now remember, I’m using a post it note, so I know the yellow scrap will not move. Gently slide up the cardstock. Make this straight or you’re waves will be sloppy. You can move it up as little or as much as you’d like (1/4” is what I’m eyeballing here).

For the next part, don’t peak until you’re finished.

Now take a dauber (a sponge will work just fine) and placing ink on the torn edge.

Focus on sponging the scrap paper edge and the cardstock will follow suit. DON’T PEAK until you’re finished.

Remove the scrap paper and viloa. (See what I did there? That’s a French word and I used fancy French script writing for my stamp!). There’s a method to my madness!

Stop back for a card with some tearing, faux homemade paper and faux tearing!

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