12 November 2012

Keep it Easy (Gift Edition)

Happy Monday!  I found these adorable little cubes in a dollar-bin at a big box store.  They were ugly, but I loved the shape and the wire was already attached.  You can use the block to hold photos, cards or memos.  I always sell out of these little guys at craft shows.  They're about 2" x 2" x 2".

  I mass produce these puppies by following these little steps:
  1. Remember these were lightweight wood (and ugly).  I didn't snap a before-photo.  I used a bit of blue painters tape to protect the wire and quickly spray painted the wood in matte black.   
  2. Not shown, but I added a piece of black foam to the bottom so it's soft.  The foam is from the kids craft section at box stores.  You could also use rubber feet, but the foam is more economical.    
  3. I matted and cut the designer series paper.  All sides are different.  
If you can't find these blocks - get a piece of scrap wood and cut your own blocks.  Search for wire memo holder, name card holder, crocodile clips.  I would drill a tiny hole in the top, dab of super glue and stick the wire in the wood.  

Have a great day!

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