17 May 2009

Sweet Sundae 101 – Ink Pads, Part III

StazOn. This is a permanent ink that can be applied to most nonporous surfaces. Need to stamp on a tile or a cellophane bag? Use StazOn. Because it is permanent and will not run, it is also great for watercoloring or coloring with markers. This ink dries very quickly. Always store upside down – and keep the little piece of plastic that comes with the pad. This is not packaging! Here's the plastic piece on the pad, look closely it says DO NOT DISCARD. My friend Jeannette, recommends applying a piece of adhesive to the plastic piece to keep it stuck to the lid – genius!
The permanent ink may stain the rubber – StazOn cleaner (if applied almost immediately) will keep your stamps looking clean and fresh. As with any of the pads, there are ink refills if your pads begin to dull.
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