03 May 2009

Sweet Sundae 101 – Ink Pads, Part I

I’m guessing my readers are at different levels of crafting. In the 101 series, the topics are more basic.

Today’s first 101 will be the difference among ink pads. When you look through the catalog or the aisles at the stores, you’ll notice a multitude of ink pad options. Upon completion of a project typically, you cannot determine what type of ink was used. The two main differences are dye inks versus pigment inks. SU!’s classic ink pads are water-based dye inks. A great feature of classic ink is that they dry quickly. However, over long periods of time, these inks will fade. If your project will be exposed to sunlight but you want to preserve the look, you will want to consider using pigment inks (next weeks topic!). The dye pads are durable and made of a hard surface that accepts pressure from the stamps. Regardless of your choice of ink pad, remember to store them inverted so the ink stays on the top of the pad. The folks at Stampin’ Up! use a unique design that inverts the pads when they’re in the closed position!

Have a great Sunday.

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