08 July 2013

Wild for Washi

Let's talk about Washi.  It comes in rolls about the size of a scotch tape roll.  But it's not as sticky as scotch tape.  It can be manipulated and re-positioned without ruining the cardstock beneath!  It can be used a focal point or as an accessory.    Here the three little strips are from the Gingham Garden Designer Washi Tape

How about an Online Class?

Offering seven different sections of Washi wisdom, this class includes everything you need to know to make the most of one of the hottest crafting trends out there. Washi Tape has taken the crafting world by storm, offering an incredibly quick, easy way to add a fresh, colorful look to any project. Our What to Washi Class explores a myriad of Washi options and provides much more than the basics for you to begin your own Washi adventures. This class includes written instructions, step-out photos, instructional videos, and supply lists for more than 30 projects.  (Look closed at the promo picture above for a sneak peek from the 2013 Holiday catalog washi tape!) 

Bundle Includes:* 7 PDF Documents* 2 Instructional Videos* 4 pkgs of Washi Tape (3 rolls per pkg)* 20 Whisper White Note Cards & Envelopes
The following topics are covered in the class:* The Washi Basics* The Next Step* Washi-Above and Beyond* Sharing Washi with Others* Memory Keeping* StorageOnly the Beginning. . .

Shop here for washi tape and/or the What to Washi class.
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