02 January 2011

NEW CAMERA! (and a bunch of other stuff)

Hi.  Thanks for all the well wishes and emails saying "Where are you?"  I got caught up in a bunch of nothing and I lost sight of motivation.  Good for you, I'm back.  I'm back working out, being happy, baking, trying new recipes, stamping, thrifting and sharing.  Baby, I'm back!  I already have at least 10 things to share with you.  I didn't expect any of my holiday giftables to get so many wonderful compliments.  I'll gather you some tutorials and dimensions to recreate things I've been making.  And don't worry, they will work for year-round gifts.  Get excited!

Santa brought our house a new camera! So we've been playing....

I know enough to know I can't get this setting back!  I LOVE me some blurred backgrounds!

Apeture, exposure, shutter speed.  I have no idea!  :)

Still trying to blur the background....Since bf wouldn't be my subject, I rounded up my Build A Bear monkey!  And I haven't picked up shoes and newspaper from my floor.   

Trying for a shot further away.  My after-holiday mantle isn't complete yet.  It's a work in progress.  Right?  Feel free to leave some hints on color and height options for me.  I'm stuck for now. 

Anyway, January 4th kicks off the NEW Occasions Mini catalog!  Did you get your complimentary copy from me in the mail?  EMAIL me if you need one.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

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