10 November 2009

We've Moved

I should warn you – this is a long post!!

Hi Stamping Friends. I’ll be honest, I haven’t stamped much this past week, and I’m getting itchy – but there’s been more important things to do. I think you all know that we moved October 30th across the river to Maryland. It was a quick move but we’re surviving and unpacking.

I snapped a shot of the old crafting closet I was using prior to the move. I took the photo after I started packing – so it’s chaotic – but I’ll overcome my anxiety and show you the photo because I love you. Except for the stamps (which were kept underneath the spare bed), everything was stored in the closet (err…it could be stored in the closet, but I usually was working on a project or two and had stuff out of the closet!). This closet was a Christmas gift. It uses the Elfa system from The Container Store. This is the same system I used for my pantry doors (great to keep taco seasons that would normally get lost or staples such as Cream of Chicken Soup). I also used on for the linen closet to hold extra shampoo and cleaners. I didn’t have much space! I’m still working at organizing the new space but I’ll be sure to share a photo later. (Edited to add: this photo isn't loading!! I'll try again later tonight! Maybe thhe blogging software is rejecting my mayhem messy picture!)

I had a great little helper whip up these not-so-fancy WE’VE MOVED cards. And I’ll let you in on a little secret – the recipients have forgave me for not sending a labor intensive card. They understand. Plus, it’s handmade. That’s real cardboard you’re seeing. I had some boxes (ok, maybe a couple hundred) from the move and I not-so-fancily took an exact-o knife to a box to make a cards. I ran a wheel over the cardboard, colored in a house and used a sharpie to write our address. The “we’ve moved” is from a retired set that I can’t bear to part with. This was the prototype - and the piece of cardboard had a crinkle and we popped a wheelie while stamping. (the risk of stamping on cardboard!). Just use your imagination.

Some of you have asked what I’m like at work. You know – my day job. See those pink flags on the photo? That’s me at work. Here’s a secret (that’s two for today thus far!): the guys I work with shutter when they see pink. I use pink stickies and flags and paperclips. I’ll casually leave things on their desk – and let me tell you – they respond quickly if their action is required. So it’s how I get them to do things for me. Quickly. Maybe it’s playing dirty, but it gets the job done!

In addition to The Move, I’ve started a Meet-Up Group for Clarksburg, so if you’re local, I’d love to see you at the Meetup. I’ve added a little linky image on the sidebar (if you’re reading this in your email box or Google Reader, you’ll have to click to my actual webpage to see the linkies I’m describing!) that will shortcut you to the group. Join the group, stop by the polls and let me know which days and times are best for you. I’d like the group to meet one week night and one weekend day per month! And if you don’t know what a Meet-Up is – it’s exactly what it sounds like. Meeting up with others that are joined with a common theme. There’s meetups for French Bulldog Owners, Business Networking, Book clubs, mom clubs, hiking, cooking, crocheting. Stop by the meetup site, enter your zip code and see all the groups meeting in your neighborhood! It’s a whole new world. Some are free (like mine!).

Do you know there’s only 44 shopping days until Christmas? Holy cow. Holy. Get it? Ok, so I’m lame! Anyways, to kickstart your shopping (or your significant others), I’ll be offering my FREE SHIPPING or FREE WRAPPING promotion NOW through 6pm on November 30th. If you’re buying for crafters (or yourself!) you can select free shipping on all items purchased this month. You must send your order to me – I cannot adjust shipping if you place your order Online. The other part is to leave your wishlist around for friends, family, husbands to purchase supplies FOR YOU. They can call or email me with the order. I will offer them the same – free shipping or FREE WRAPPING (does any store still offer free wrapping? Last winter I had to BUY a gift box for a shirt I purchased at the same store!)! Anyways, FREE WRAPPING – it usually gets the men-folks attention. Oh, and I deliver.

Also, I will be back with Christmas Bonanza, which will be a flurry of posts to get you in the Creative Mood. Oh yes, it will be that good and easy.

Happiness is creating, SHERRI

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