16 January 2013

Making a Difference, supplies to art teachers

Leadership 2013 was an amazing time.  I 100% planned on blogging from the event (and I envy those bloggers that found the time and energy to do so from Orlando!).  One of the first events was the PACKING PARTY!  While in Orlando, Stampin' Up! donated bags stuffed full of products to Orlando schools and they let US help stuff the bags.  It was so much fun to place the items in the bags and then leave a note for the recipient   Our group had so much fun we went thru line several times!!  The bags were H-E-A-V-Y (loaded with lots of goodies!).

Here's my roommate Susan.

These bags are at the end waiting to be boxed up! Each bag contained over $375 worth of supplies!

Pretty bags! 

Bags in boxes!  

Boxes in the truck! 

Check out this article! and watch the short video below.

Stampin' Up! has allowed me to find my creativity and work with, meet and develop life long friendships!  It's a made a difference in my life, how about you?

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